Thursday, 24 April 2014

Home Gym

While I love my Goodlife membership, sometimes it is just easier to workout at home. As much as I'd love my own treadmill or elliptical, they aren't exactly in my budget right now. I was however able to make my own home gym on a tight budget by choosing work out gear that I can utilize in combination with bodyweight and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) exercises. I luckily had an extra room that I could turn into my home gym, but if you don't have this extra space, buy a large plastic container with wheels and store your equipment in a closet where you can access it with ease. Below are my favourite pieces of equipment:

1. Mirror from Ikea is large enough to watch my technique ($12.99)
2. Resistance bands in 3 levels of resistance ($39.95)
3. Stability ball is great for core work and can act as a unstable bench ($8.99 from SuperStore)
4. Skipping rope is great for getting my heart rate up between sets ($12.99 Nike)
5. Foam mat is great for my joints when I'm jumping and running on the spot as it acts as a cushion ($2
    per square from Walmart)
6. Weights are awesome for building muscle. I have 5 different weights, but I'd recommend investing in
     at least 3 weights - light (5 lb), medium (15 lb) and heavy weights (25-30 lb). You can find weights
     at Walmart, Canadian Tire, or Fitness Depot. They are usually $1 per pound.
7. Foam roller is excellent for working out kinks in your hamstrings, buttock, and hip flexors ($19.99
    from Fitness Depot)
8. Yoga mat (not shown) is great for laying on the ground, doing core work, or duh, Yoga! ($12.99
9. Yoga block (not shown) is excellent for increasing my strength and flexibility ($12.99 Walmart)
10. Lastly, home videos (not shown). My personal favourites are P90X, Insanity, T25, and anything by
     Jillian Micheals. 

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