Thursday, 24 April 2014

Inspiration Board

Goals are a great thing to make for yourself. I know it sounds corny, but it actually really works. If you put your intentions out there and really believe in them, they can actually come true. I know this because I made this inspiration board a year and a half ago and it helped me to achieve my dream of running a half marathon. Everyone has different goals, therefore everyone's inspirational board should look different to reflect what is important to them. Below are some ideas you might find are inspirational to you as well!

1. My bib and medal from when I ran my half marathon. These things remind me of what I've
    accomplished and what I am capable of.
2. Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas and Toronto Waterfront marathon routes. After finishing my half marathon I knew I had
    to immediately train for a full marathon. I unfortunately fractured my hip shortly after I started
    training, but I keep these up there for the future!
3. Motivational quotes from people I admire
4. A picture of my friends. This reminds me to keep my relationships in my heart and to focus on
     keeping in contact with my friends even when life gets crazy busy.
5. A picture of my fiancé. This picture motivates me to keep focused on my future.
6. A career picture - One day I'll get that permanent contract!!!
7. A picture of women who's body's I admire. I know that a lot of hard work goes into stay fit and
    strong and I respect anyone who takes on that challenge
8. Pounds to lose - I know it sounds cliche but I've got an upcoming wedding to prepare for, so I
    keep track of my weight by hanging up clothes pins every time I lose a pound.

Remember to keep focused on what is important to you and what you want for yourself in the future!

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