Thursday, 22 May 2014

100 through 10 Rep Workout

This intermediate/advanced level workout can be done at home with two sets of dumbbells (one set medium to heavy weight for large muscle groups and one set light for small muscle groups, as indicated) and a mat for core work.  The exercises are supersetted (alternating with no rest in between) for a total number of reps ranging from 100 down to 10.  The workout will take 40-45 minutes to complete in full.

The sets and reps are shown in brackets.  For example, the first two exercises are push ups and crunches for a total of 100 reps each.  Perform 20 push ups, then 20 crunches, and repeat five times.  Pictures of the exercises are provided below.

100 push ups--from toes or knees (5x20) 
100 crunches (5x20)

90 jumping jacks (2x45)
90 mountain climbers (2x45)

80 lunges--moderate to heavy weight (4x20)
80 front squats--moderate to heavy weight (4x20)

70 high knees (2x35)
70 side stepping planks (2x35)

60 squat and press--moderate to heavy weight (4x15)
60 bent over rows--moderate to heavy weight (4x15)

50 jackknife crunches (5x10)
50 hip raises (5x10)

40 jump squats (4x10)
40 wood chops--light weight (4x10)

30 tricep press--light to moderate weight (2x15)
30 bicep curls--light to moderate weight (2x15)

20 mogul squats (2x10)
20 lateral raises--light weight (2x10)

10 burpees (1x10)
10 rear delt flyes--light weight (1x10)


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