Thursday, 18 June 2015

Body weight workout 30s & 30RM

My boot camp classes have been packed lately, so I opted to do all body weight exercises to save on space, but mostly because we just don't have enough dumbbells for that many people! I used the same format as a workout we did a few months ago (High rep workout 30s 30 reps), but swapped out the dumbbell exercises for body weight ones. This is a good workout to do at home if you don't have any equipment (a mat would be handy, but a towel will also do). This workout is intermediate/advanced level, and will take about 30 minutes to complete. Take water breaks as necessary.

Perform 2 sets of each exercise, supersetting between 30s of cardio, followed by 30 reps of endurance.  Rest for 10s between each superset.

1.  30s shuffle hops (add a hop at the end) and 30 cross legged crunches
2.  30s speed skaters and 30 squats with alternating knee ups
3.  30s jumping jacks and 30 push ups
4.  30s repeater knee and 30 bent over Ys
5.  30s fast feet and 30 alternating elbow tap lunges (the first portion of this movement)
6.  30s jump rope and 30 side lunge knee up
7.  30s side to side leaps and plank with alternating flyes
8.  30s burpees and 30 frog jumps

If you give this workout a try, let me know how it goes!


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